1. Mediation Versus Litigation With Your Greeley Divorce Lawyers Part 2

    While we all strive to put our best foot forward in life's adventures, sometimes, things just don’t as well as planned. This sentiment can be found when looking for a local divorce lawyer, as the marriage cannot be reconciled productively between both spouses. Divorce is not a fun topic, but oftentimes, it is one that needs to be covered when you decide to part ways. The Peek Law Firm is here to…Read More

  2. Mediation Versus Litigation With Your Greeley Divorce Lawyers Part 1

    The rates of divorce in this country are higher than ever. While nobody likes the idea of legally separating from a spouse, it can often be the best option for certain individuals. Once the decision is made to separate, it’s important for couples to decide on their course of action for how to resolve the process of dividing up finances, property, child custody, and more. The Peek Law Firm team i…Read More

  3. A Look At Protection Orders With Your Local Family Lawyer Part 2

    Life isn’t always simple, and in some cases, legal intervention may be needed to produce the best possible outcome. This can be true for individuals who feel threatened or like they are in danger when in contact with any other person. In this case, a court can grant a protection order to give the threatened individual legal protection from harm or harassment. As a team of what we believe to be t…Read More

  4. A Look At Protection Orders With Your Local Family Lawyer Part 1

    While not the most positive of subjects, filing for a protection order can prove to be a very beneficial process for any citizen who feels that they are in danger in the company of another individual. Also known as a “restraining order,” this civil protection order is delivered by the state court which legally restricts an individual from coming within a specified distance of another. When you…Read More

  5. The Top Reasons Why You Should Write A Will

    In today’s crazy world, people are often caught up in the rush of daily life. From getting the bills paid to getting your child to school on time, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done. One major task that should be done is that of preparing your will in the event of your passing. Oftentimes, people neglect this activity, putting it off until something major ha…Read More

  6. The Ins And Outs Of DUI Checkpoints

    Here in Colorado, many drivers have experienced the surprise of a DUI checkpoint. Citizens who were driving to Centerra to watch a movie are now diverted into a smaller road or parking lot where a cavalcade of law enforcement and traffic cones are waiting. For those who have not undergone this experience, we’ll cover the general concept of what you can expect when going through a checkpoint. Com…Read More

  7. The Benefits Of Hiring A Traffic Lawyer

    Here in Colorado, drivers have the privilege of owning a driver’s license. While the point system for licensure seems pretty lax, it can certainly come back to haunt people. You are given twelve points to lose in the course of a 12-month span or eighteen points over a two-year period. If you’re facing a court date for traffic violations, Peek Law Firm can help! We are staffed with knowledgeabl…Read More

  8. Next Steps After A DUI

    We understand that everyone makes mistakes. If you were celebrating St. Patrick's Day with your friends in Greeley, it may have been easy to get carried away with a couple drinks and try to drive yourself home. Even if you felt like you had the capacity to drive, law enforcement may not have agreed, and a DUI could mean losing your license, paying a hefty fine, and even spending time in jail. In a…Read More

  9. How Does Legal Separation Differ From Divorce?

    When spouses experience conflict within their marriage, they may decide to solve the problem by living separate lives. For most people, leading a separate life means divorcing one’s spouse, but that is not the only option available. Couples who need some time apart can also consider separation. In general, separation and divorce have the same results, but they are fundamentally different from ea…Read More

  10. Choosing The Right Law Firm

    You’ve finally finished meeting with each and every one of the different lawyers that have been recommended to you by your friends and family. Now the time has come for you finally choose one of them to be your lawyer. How do you make this final decision on who to hire? You want no one but the best to be representing you in your case and you know how important this decision is for you to make. A…Read More